AHIC Policies



  1. The main purpose of the complaints procedure is to resolve problems; and to give clients a means to raise issues of concern and have them addressed.




2.1 Initial concerns

2.2 The underlying principle is that concerns ought to be handled, if at all possible, without the need for formal procedures.

2.3 In most cases a Trustee will receive the first approach, as an expression of concern and it should be resolved at the time.


3 Formal procedures

3.1 Formal procedures only need to be invoked when initial attempts to resolve the issue are unsuccessful and the person raising concerns remains dissatisfied and wishes to take the matter further.

3.2 The Trustee with responsibility for the operation and management of the complaints procedure is agreed and designated by the Alice Holt Inclusive Cycling trustees.





4.1 Stage One – complaint heard by designated trustee.

4.2 The designated trustee will seek to resolve the complaint by meeting with the complainant and investigating  and trying to resolve the complaint.

4.3 If the complaint cannot be resolved by a meeting with the complainant, a request is made that the details of the complaint is formalised in writing and sent to ” Alice Holt Inclusive Cycling.”

4.4 Stage Two – The written complaint is put before at least three of the four Trustees within 10 working days.

4.5 After the  discussion a conclusion is reached. This decision is relayed to the complainant in writing and signed by the Chairman of the Trust. This letter should be sent to the complainant within two weeks of receiving the written complaint.


5 If the complainant is still not satisfied, they must be advised to take their complaint to the Charity Commission.


6 A record of all conversations; and correspondence , dates and times must be kept for reference should the need arise at a later date.


PJ; September 2018




Alice Holt Inclusive Cycling Trust Equal Opportunities Policy.


Alice Holt Inclusive Cycling actively promote equal opportunities for all our clients and carers regardless of race; gender; religion; sexual orientation; responsibilities for dependants; age; physical/mental disabilities or offending background.


This equal opportunity policy applies to all clients and carers and  people interested in applying for a position as a Volunteer or Trustee of Alice Holt Inclusive Cycling. Candidates for the above positions are selected based on skills, qualifications, experience and recommendations from friends or colleagues.


PJ October 2018