Little Lumpy

August 17, 2021 7:49 am Published by

Harry Glover and Howard Robinson, both volunteers/trustees at Alice Holt Inclusive Cycling, travelled down to Haslemere on Sunday August the 1st, with our New Fun2Go adult tricycle. The purpose of the trip was to meet the organisers and cyclists of the annual “Little Lumpy’ Cycle Sportive” to show them the new machine that their donations last year had bought, and to thank them for their generosity.

Unfortunately the event had to be cancelled last year due to the pandemic, but instead of asking for a refund, most of the cyclists generously donated their entry fee to AHIC. This, together with anonymous donations, enabled us to buy this magnificent cycle costing well over £4,000. It was fitting therefore that we were able to show the organisers and cyclists what their money had bought, and to thank them in person. Fortunately the Little Lumpy went ahead this year and we wish them every success in the years to come